*** For more information on area Al-Anon or Alateen Meetings, contact Gloria V:  district.rep.miafg@gmail.com.  This may include meeting locations, how to connect by Zoom, and general questions about meeting formats.

Jackson County Al-Anon Meetings


10:30 AM       Serenity Seekers, First Presbyterian Church (enter east door. go straight to library room), 743 W Michigan Ave, Jackson, MI  (CD) 

6:00 PM         Hope for Today AFG, United Methodist Church, 721 Old US 27 N., Marshall, MI  (CD)

7:00 PM         Courage to Change AFG, Jackson Free Methodist Church, 2829 Park Rd., Jackson, MI 49203 (CD)


7:00 PM         New Hope AFG, All Saints Episcopal Church, 151 N Main St, Brooklyn, MI  (CD) 


10:30 AM       Serenity Seekers, First Presbyterian Church (enter east door. go straight to library room), 743 W. Michigan Ave., Jackson, MI  (CD)  

Lenawee County Al-Anon Meetings


1:00 PM         Sunday Afternoon AFG, First United Methodist Church, Room 5, 1245 W. Maple Ave, Adrian, MI  (CD) 


12:00 PM     NewSong Community Church, 5211 S Occidental Hwy, Tecumseh, MI 49286 (CD).  Hybrid with concurrent Zoom meeting:

7:00 PM         Tuesday Night 12 & 12 AFG, Madison Church of the Nazarene, 3993 Treat Hwy., Adrian, MI (CD)


6:00 PM         Wednesday Night AFG, Zoom Meeting

8:00 PM         Irish Hills AFG, St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, 11151 US Hwy 12, Brooklyn, MI (CD), Alateen runs at the same time as Al-Anon Meeting


7:00 PM         TGIF AFG, First United Methodist Church, 1245 W. Maple Ave., Adrian, MI  (CD)

*KEY:  CD = Closed Discussion for Families and Friends Only            OD = Open Discussion for Families, Friends, and Observers Welcome

Here are a few things to keep in mind at your first meeting (taken from Al-Anon Family Groups, World Service Organization website):

  • Al‑Anon is a mutual support group. Everyone at the meeting shares as an equal. No one is in a position to give advice or direction to anyone else. Everyone at the meeting has experienced a problem with someone else’s drinking.
  • You are free to ask questions or to talk about your situation at your first meeting. If you’d rather just listen, you can say “I pass,” or explain that you’d just like to listen.
  • Every meeting is different. Each meeting has the autonomy to be run as its members choose, within guidelines designed to promote Al‑Anon unity. Al‑Anon recommends that you try at least six different meetings before you decide if Al‑Anon will be helpful to you.
  • Al‑Anon is not a religious program. Even when the meeting is held in a religious center, the local Al‑Anon group pays rent to that center and is not affiliated in any way with any religious group. Your religious beliefs—or lack of them—are not a subject for discussion at Al‑Anon meetings, which focus solely on coping with the effects of someone’s drinking.
  • It will take some time to fully understand the significance of anonymity to the Al‑Anon program. But at its simplest level, anonymity means that the people in the room will respect the confidentiality of what you say and won’t approach you outside the room in a way that compromises your privacy or the privacy of anyone who attended an Al‑Anon meeting.
  • The meeting will likely begin with a reading of the Twelve Steps of Al‑Anon. It will take some time to fully understand how the Twelve Steps can be a helpful tool in recovering from the effects of someone’s drinking. But Al‑Anon gives you the opportunity to grow at your own pace.